Senate sexual harassment complaint names State Senator who's running for Lt. Governor

A female lobbyist has lodged a sexual harassment complaint against a top State Senator and candidate for the lieutenant governor’s post, David Shafer.

The complaint was filed with the Secretary of the Senate less than one month after the legislature revised its sexual harassment policies to include lobbyists.

According to sources familiar with the complaint, it alleges that the harassment began in 2002 when David Shafer was first elected.  In the complaint, the lobbyist claims that in 2011, after helping her get a bill passed on behalf of her client, Shafer told her "you owe me" and to "show me your boobs."  The lobbyist contends it ended with Shafer telling her she didn't have to have sex, but he wanted to "spoon naked. I just want to see you naked."

The lobbyist contends that when she didn’t go along with the requests, Sen. Shafer retaliated against her by blocking one of her client’s bills.

In a statement to FOX 5 News, Sen. Shafer stated: “The false complaint is about politics, not the truth, and that why it is no coincidence that it was filed the day after I qualified to run for Lieutenant Governor. I welcome an investigation and will cooperate fully because it will show categorically that there is no truth to…the ridiculous claims and that she is a 15 minute, attention seeking wannabe trying to settle an old score.”

Shafer’s attorney sent us three affidavits from people close to Shafer who say Shafer never exhibited such conduct in their presence.  One of the affidavits, from Shafer’s administrative assistant, says Shafer never wanted to meet the lobbyist in his office without someone else in the room.  Also, a former co-worker of the lobbyist claims the accuser once dated Shafer, a claim the accuser denies.