Sen. Isakson, Perdue release statements on revised immigration executive order

U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue each released a statement just hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to prevent access into the United States by foreign nationals who are terrorists or criminals.

Isakson's statement says:

“As a second-generation American whose grandfather emigrated from Sweden in 1903, I value the legal immigration system of our country, and I want to make sure that this opportunity remains in place. But I want to also be sure we don’t ever have a situation like September 11, 2001, when some very bad people entered our country through less-than-reliable vetting.

“We all want to make sure that the process by which new individuals enter our country is thorough enough to restrict access to someone who might seek to harm our way of life. I appreciate President Trump’s willingness to start over after the initial rollout of this policy resulted in confusion and legal challenges.

“As the administration moves forward with implementation of this revised executive order, it is my hope that President Trump will continue to consult with the national security team he has assembled so that security measures are properly applied and do not infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans.”

Perdue's statement says:

“Since day one, President Trump has kept his promise to protect our country and keep all Americans safe. President Trump and his National Security Team have closely examined our vetting procedures for countries with ISIS strongholds and continue to take action to stop ISIS from exploiting our country's immigration system and refugee programs. They have made several updates to these efforts, including, allowing citizens from adequately vetted countries like Iraq to travel to the United States, and ensuring that people who have been granted green cards can travel to and from our country. These updates underscore President Trump's intent to responsibly secure our country and protect all Americans and refugees from our shared enemy, ISIS.”