Search underway for missing Chamblee mother

Members of the Filipino community gathered in Chamblee Friday night to pass out fliers for a missing woman.

Forty-two year old Cecelia Bustamante disappeared before Halloween under suspicious circumstances and police fear foul play. 

"We are just trying to raise awareness of one of our own from the Filipino community," said Willy Blanco, with the Filipino-American Association, while he was handing out fliers to motorists at a QT gas station near Bustamante's home.

About a dozen members of the Association gathered to help, although, no one knew Mrs. Bustamante personally.

" This is one of  our own, so we have to protect each other," said Doddy Ward.

Chamblee Police said Mrs. Bustamante was last seen frantically leaving her job at a Willie's Restaurant at the AT&T building in Midtown Atlanta on October 28th. 

Willy Blanco said he learned Mrs. Bustamante failed to meet a friend from Maryland during the Thanksgiving break.

"When she did not show up she got anxious and worried about her and started calling and I think that's when she called the police," said Blanco.

Police said Mrs. Bustamante had no money, no credit card or a passport. 

Investigators said she lives at a home on Meadow Wood Lane in Chamblee home with her seven year old son and husband.

Members of the Fillipino American Association stopped by the home, but no one answered at the door. Willy Blanco said he previously left a message for Mr. Bustamante on Facebook.

"We're here to help, said Blanco. "Just call me if you need any help, from the Philippine American community or the Philippine government." 

He said the story of Mrs. Bustamante's disappearance is gaining traction with media in the Philippines, where Chamblee police said they had already reached out to her family to try to find the missing mother.

"We have talked to the family in the Philippines, I can feel their worries and everything right now," said Ward. 

She said the family of Mrs. Bustamante has had trouble obtaining visas to enter into the United States.

Members of the Filipino American Association said they are going to bring in private investigator T.J. Ward, who worked on Natalie Holloway's missing persons case.

When FOX 5 News went to the home of Mr. Bustamante, there was a card referring media to the contact his attorney, who said he had no comment.

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