Search for gunman after getaway driver shows up in broken down vehicle

Investigators said a get away driver arrived in a broken down car, which ultimately landed two suspects behind bars.

"Right here and sticks it in the clerks face, said Lt. Chad Payne, with the Lamar County Sheriff's Office, as he showed FOX 5 News surveillance video of the robbery the night of December 22.

He said In the frightening moments where the clerk is handing over cash at the end of a pistol, he didn't realize the man next to the gunman was a look out man.

"He was actually the cousin of the gunman. We watched video. He came in and they came in from the same direction across the street," said Lt. Payne.

He said when the gunman slipped out, his cousin  called the getaway driver. But the driver's Honda SUV  had mechanical problems, delaying his arrival.

"The get away driver showed up right as the deputies were showing up therefore the deputies were able to talk to what they thought at the time were witnesses," said Lt. Payne.

On video, the get away driver is seen buying  transmission fluid. Investigators said he left with  with the look out man and gunman who was hiding in the woods. 

However, Lt. Payne said the interaction with deputies  ultimately led to the arrest of 33 year old Demarcio Stodghill, the getaway man and 25 year old Deontavious White, the look out man, at a motel in Clayton County. 

The supposed gunman, 30 year old Emmanuel Durrell Johnson got away.  All three are suspected of similar crimes including in Monroe County.

"The guy pulls up to the gas pumps he actually had to borrow some money from the clerk to get gas as the other two came in and robbed the store," said Lt. Payne.

Betty Wilson, a clerk at the C & B Convenience store was disgusted with the men involved.

" They're stupid, they're stupid instead of getting up find a job they want to come and do this," said Ms. Wilson.

She told FOX 5 News, her co-worker, a father and husband, is emotionally shaken after he was held up but otherwise ok.

"No one deserves to have a gun pointed in their face, no one," said Ms. Wilson.

Investigators tells FOX 5 News suspect Emmanuel Durrell Johnson is believed to be transient at the moment , hopping from place to place.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts  is asked to contact the Lamar County Sheriff's Office.