Search for fake cops in Fayetteville

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Authorities are searching for a man in the Fayetteville area posing as a police officer and stopping random people.

A teenager said the fake officer wearing a uniform pulled him over on his bicycle along State Road 54 while riding home from a Dollar General Saturday night, forced him to empty his pockets and a second man in a dark-colored SUV pulled up to the scene. It's the teen's description of the second man which police said points to a possible connection to the previous incident.

The first time, two weeks ago, a teenage girl reported a fake cop pulled her over in her car. She said a man in a jogging suit pulled her over.

In the latest case which happened near the corner of Highway 54 and Rosewood Drive, the victim told police a black Dodge Charger pulled in front of him and a white male wearing a police-like uniform jumped out. It happened around 9 p.m. According to police, the teen was forced to put up his hands up and then ordered to empty his pockets. But before the fake cop took anything, a second car pulled up.

Police said the description of the man in the second car matched the description a teenage girl gave two weeks ago of a man who used blue lights to pull her over. When he started talking inappropriately, the girl said she noticed the man was wearing a jogging suit, so she put the car into gear a drove off.

Police said the fake cop who pulled over the teen left right away. The boy had a cell phone and a small amount of money, neither was taken and the teen was unhurt. He rode home a reported the incident to his mother who called the police.