Roswell business owner warning others to be on alert for thieves

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A Roswell business owner is warning others to be on alert for thieves. He says he got caught by the old "one person distracts, while another steals" game. 

Steve Funsten owns Blue Ox Model Trains at 425 Market Place in Roswell. The store is stocked with antiques and unique items from floor to ceiling.  

Funsten says he was alone in the store with his dog, Loco, Monday morning when a customer walked in asking to see the China kept upstairs. While they were out of sight, surveillance video shows another man slip in to the store and go straight to the jewelry case. 

"He started working with a knife along the edge of the glass on the case," said Funsten. 

Funsten says the man cut out the silicone sealant that held the glass top in place.  

"He was then able to lift the whole side and stick his arm down in there and pull out one of the blocks of rings," says Funsten.

More than a dozen rings gone, all while Funsten was with the other man who had him running all over the store.  The said he wanted to buy dishes, an oil painting and a couple of train sets for the grandchildren.  When it was all said and done, his bill was more than a thousand dollars.  The man told Funsten he was going to run down to the bank to get some cash.  He never came back. 

Funsten believes the man never intended to buy anything, except time for the other guy to slip in, steal the jewelry and leave. 

Funsten called police who sent out an officer right away.  Meanwhile, Funsten is contacting other antique shops in teh area, warning telling them about what happened so they don't fall victim.  

"I'd love to see somebody catch them," said Funsten.