Rockdale deputies recover several stolen cars in chop shop bust

Rockdale sheriff’s deputies say they found seven stolen cars and two stolen engines at a suspected chop shop in a residential neighborhood on Monday.

"This is a pretty big operation, needless to say," said Rockdale Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Deputy Kyana Jackson. "They’ve been doing this for a while."

Jackson said that the deputies were following a GPS ping from one of the stolen cars, a Dodge Challenger to an address on Deer Hallow Run outside of Conyers, to an address that doesn’t exist. Two cars speeding off from a nearby house caught the deputies eyes, she said.

"At that time, they did not know that was the actual residence where this homemade chop shop was to be exact," Jackson said. "Upon checking the perimeter of the residence, that's when they saw the two stolen vehicles."

The deputies came back with a search warrant, and said they found the five other cars.

They are now trying to speak with the homeowner, Jackson said.

She added that most of the cars share a common thread: where they were stolen from.

"A lot of these vehicles have been stolen out of the Atlanta metro area, so if you’re travelling to Atlanta, please just be careful."

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