Robot serves guests at Dunwoody restaurant

A restaurant in Dunwoody has a new team member tasked with keeping diners safe and satisfied. 

Tastee Spoon is using a robotic server, Irie Milly, to deliver orders to dine-in patrons and keep them six feet apart. 

Owner Raymone Williams explains the name is inspired by a Caribbean term that means "calm" or "cool." Milly is Williams' mother's name. 

The robot is programmed to move around the restaurant by using the ceiling as a "map."

Irie Millie can serve up to 12 plates at a time to customers at Tastee Spoon in Dunwoody.  (FOX 5 Atlanta)

Irie Milly can serve up to 12 plates at a time. 

The robot server stays charged for 14 hours. 

Williams said the robot hasn't replaced jobs at the restaurant, just "enhanced" the job of service staff. 

"It's a great addition to our environment here," Williams said in a December Facebook video.