Residents worry about back-to-back armed robberies in East Atlanta

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A man was carjacked at gunpoint and the crime happened around the corner from a store two gunmen held up just days earlier. Some families in East Atlanta Village want to know if the crimes are connected.

“I was pretty much shocked about the situation,” said Katina Van Cronkite, who lives in the area.

The victim in the most recent carjacking in the Atlanta neighborhood spoke with FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell Tuesday over the phone. He said early Sunday, two men wearing black hoodies, ski masks, and gloves robbed him at gunpoint on Metropolitan Place.

He walked to the street after leaving a nearby bar. He said the gunmen took off with his cash, phone, and black 2006 Ford Mustang. He gave it all up to keep his life.

“People rob for a reason, so I guess they needed the money or whatever,” the victim said.

Just around the corner, workers inside the East Lake Pharmacy said days earlier, two men in all black hoodies wearing masks and gloves robbed them of cash and drugs at gunpoint.

FOX 5 News obtained surveillance images of that crime.

“My heart goes out to the victims of the crimes,” said Cronkite.

People living in the area, like Cronkite, said they feel safe in for the most part. Although the crimes are concerning. Atlanta Police sent FOX 5 News the following statement in response to inquiries if the two crimes were connected:

"Robbery investigators continue to diligently pursue leads to determine if the recent uptick in carjackings and pedestrian robberies, in the East Atlanta neighborhood are related. At this time, we are unable to determine if the carjacking that occurred at Metropolitan Place and the commercial robbery that occurred at Eastlake Pharmacy are linked."

In the meantime, neighbors said they'll be on the lookout.

“We're always looking out for each other and if we see something suspicious we are going to call police and let our neighbors know,” said Cronkite