Residents say there are too many gas stations in one section of Atlanta

Over a dozen gas stations within a mile and half of each other and those who live nearby say enough is enough.

This comes as yet another gas station is set to be constructed. 

This is happening in a Southeast Atlanta neighborhood.

"If you see an issue in your neighborhood, then speak out," Geo Gerard said. 

There’s never an excuse to run out of gas if you’re in southeast Atlanta. 

"Within a 1.5-mile radius of this gas station that’s being built right here we have about 15 other gas stations that exist. So, it’s really a matter of do we need another gas station?" Gerard said.

Geo Gerard is one of many neighbors living in the Bouldercrest and Eastland Road area, not far from East Atlanta Village.

Another planned gas station has many saying their tanks are full when it comes to the businesses.

"We are concerned it’s going to add more traffic, more noise, more blight and more importantly take away the residential feel that barely even exist today," Gerard said. 

A map shows dozens of gas stations between Gresham Road and the Interstate 20 exit, Moreland Avenue and Flat Shoals Road at I-20 exit. 

"For me it’s the risk of crime. If you look at the Atlanta crime map there’s a lot of crime concentrated at different gas stations. Even so DeKalb and the city of Atlanta have required the gas station to have the bright lights," Gerard said. 

It’s a tricky area as this is right on the DeKalb County and city of Atlanta line.

FOX 5 has covered numerous shootings and robberies at gas stations in both jurisdictions. 

Those in favor of the gas stations say it could be safe for those without homes to use the restroom and provide a meal source for the community.

Gerard hopes leaders in both counties will come together witch a plan for all.

"I can’t say this will stop the gas station being built but for future gas stations or things that will impact quality of life I hope residents will have more of a say in the process," Gerard said. 

FOX 5 has reached out to both the Atlanta City Council member for this area and the DeKalb County Commissioner for reaction, but have not heard back yet.