Residents discuss compensation over construction project

Some residents in a Fulton County community are so upset over a construction project that they are requesting the company responsible compensate them for damages.

Families living in two communities inside Union City and the City of South Fulton have raised concerns about the noise and smell that has resulted from the nearby work. They also say the buffer zones aren't sufficient, causing flooding in their backyards and cracks in the foundations of their homes.

The center of the debate is the maintenance facility that the Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED Inc. is building at Mason Road and South Fulton Parkway. Some residents living in the Creekside Community and Parkway Villages say, although they are excited for the economic development and boost, they worry their property values will go down as a result of damages from the construction site.

They met with City of South Fulton Council Member Helen Zenobia Willis Monday night and agreed the company could do more to mitigate their concerns.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc. sent the following information to FOX 5 News addressing points made during the community meeting:

“We are sensitive to the adjoining property owners concerns and are taking various measures (see below) to mitigate any impact of our project. On January 28, prior to construction, we hosted a HOA meeting to hear their concerns.  The site is zoned Light Industrial, which allows warehouse/distribution facilities (Kellogg, GE, Rubbermaid, etc.) to be developed.  Coca-Cola UNITED’s $86 million project will generate local property taxes and other sales/use taxes that will allow Union City to invest in local quality of life priorities.

“All damage claims will be investigated by our contractor’s insurance provider.  Contact information via email or phone was provided by the contractor to all residents who attended the January 28 homeowners association meeting, as well as being posted on site.

“The contractor offered pre-construction home surveys to 13 adjacent residents to protect both our and their interests. To date, 6 of 13 accepted to the pre-construction survey.  Each of the 13 property owners were sent the pre-construction surveys via certified mail, with follow-up door to door canvassing.

“Vibration monitors were set-up around the property boundaries to ensure vibrations stay below standards to not damage adjacent property. To date, none of the monitors alarm has gone off which occurs when vibrations exceed acceptable standards.

“Coca-Cola is investing in (i.e. paying for) a dedicated left-hand turn off of Mason Road to not interrupt thru traffic. Coca-Cola would support joining a coalition of ALL users of the Mason Rd. & S. Fulton Pkwy intersection to work with GADOT and other appropriate state and local agencies to upgrade the intersection to accommodate the growth in the area.

“The project meets or exceeds all set-back requirements of the zoning regulations. The project will use a variety of buffering elements to mitigate visibility and noise of the facility: architecturally-designed, elevation/line of sight, trees and other large evergreen shrubbery, fencing and berms. All of these buffering elements will not manifest themselves fully until the end of construction.

“In accordance with applicable Union City ordinances governing site preparation and construction, our contractor has set up barriers to control soil and divert rain water from adjacent properties in compliance with all ordinances.  Union City Planning Department walks property regularly to ensure compliance.”