Recount? Georgia lawmaker lost do-over by 2 of 7,040 votes

A race for a statehouse seat in Georgia still isn't resolved, despite a court-ordered repeat of last May's primary election.

Official results show a state lawmaker losing his seat by just two votes. Now he's waiting for state certification, due Dec. 18, before deciding whether to request a recount.

The close finish in House District 28 entitles state Rep. Dan Gasaway of Homer to a recount. He told The Associated Press on Monday that "it's premature to comment either way."

Results certified Friday by Banks, Habersham and Stephens counties show challenger Chris Erwin beating Gasaway by two votes out of 7,040 cast.

A judge ordered last Tuesday's do-over because some voters were assigned to the wrong district last May.

No Democrats ran, so the GOP primary winner takes the seat.