Rapper Gucci Mane, record store reminds fans that records aren't dead during signing event

On Oct. 17, rapper Gucci Mane made a special appearance at a CD and vinyl signing event, coincidentally sharing the name with his record label, 1017. The event, which saw the release of his new album "Breath of Fresh Air," drew in crowds, including many families, as fans gathered to meet the renowned artist.

The event took place at DBS Sounds, a local record store with a history spanning nearly 30 years, making it one of the longest-standing Black-owned record shops in Atlanta. The owner of DBS Sounds expressed his delight in celebrating Atlanta's hip-hop culture while taking the opportunity to correct some common misconceptions about the music industry.

Tobago, the owner of DBS Sounds, emphasized the enduring significance of record sales and their role in supporting artists. He asserted that many artists owe their success to the sale of physical records, debunking the notion that record sales are a thing of the past.