Puppy Found Severely Burned in Atlanta

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A puppy was found severely burned in Atlanta Monday morning. According to LifeLine Animal Project, a man said he found the 4-month-old Yorkie wandering around his south Atlanta yard on Mount Zion Road. 

"We immediately had our vet sedate and give him pain medicine, and then a LifeLine employee took him to Georgia Veterinary Service for emergency burn treatment." 

LifeLine said the dog appeared to be suffering from chemical burns. The puppy was in a tremendous amount of pain and is likely blind. 

LifeLine's Karen Hirsch spoke with Fulton County Animal Services Cruelty Investigator Paul Ebbs and he said seven other dogs, mostly pit bulls, have been taken to the shelter with similar burns in the last year. Officer Ebbs told Hirsch the burns "follow the pattern of someone throwing acid on the dogs." 

As a result, the Yorkie will have scars all over his body. If you would like to donate to help cover the pup's medical bills, click here

LifeLine said they have no leads in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call Officer Ebbs at 404-550-2817.

"This crime results in permanent disfigurement of the animal, so it is Felony Animal Cruelty charge if the person is caught, and now their name will go on a national registry of felony animal abusers," LifeLine said.