Protesters drive by Governor's mansion to show disapproval of Governor Kemp's decision to reopen businesses

People drove by the Governor's mansion in Buckhead Friday afternoon to show their disapproval of Governor Brian Kemp's decision to allow some businesses to reopen. 

The protesters drove by, honking their horns and holding signs. 

The drive by protest got the attention of others who were out and about. 

"I was out riding my bike and this is crazy," said John Barnes, a Buckhead resident. 

Places like salons, barber shops and gyms are now allowed to open, following the governor's announcement earlier in the week. 

On Monday, restaurants will be allowed to open their doors. 

Protesters, Edi Tingle, say it's too soon for any businesses to open their doors again. 

"We don't really think that's right because people are still dying out there. The projections that they were talking about, the curve being over with that's only going to be viable if everything stays closed," Tingle said. 

However, in a one on one interview with FOX 5 earlier this week, Governor Kemp said the decision was made after looking at the current numbers. 

"The decision I'm making or will be making are done in conjunction with our public health officials based in the data that we're seeing. Our trends are going in the right direction," Governor Kemp said. 

Protesters say, however, their message to the Governor is loud and clear. 

"Please try and keep everyone safe and close everything," Tingle said. 

The Governor was not in Atlanta at the time of the protest. 

He was in the southern part of the state to visit areas damaged by tornadoes.