'Protect the vote:' San Francisco Bay Area protesters push back on Trump's election interference

Rallies were held in several Bay Area locations Wednesday, pushing back on President Trump's election interference.

"I'm just proud people came out, somebody has to start this thing," said protester Nancy Deutsch of San Francisco, part of a socially-distanced but unified gathering at the foot of Market Street. "We have to be pre-emptive, we have to be out here standing up for our right to vote and to count every vote."

Across the country, more than 80 organizations have pledged to mobilize under a "Protect the Results" coalition.

So far, they have not activated a national action, but smaller protests have popped up.

"If you were a vote-counter in Wisconsin, and you heard the president say it's all over, what kind of a message is that?" said Deutsch."I think it's very dangerous." 

People also rallied Wednesday evening in front of Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

"We do not feel our demonstration is premature, this is not a victory celebration for Joe Biden," said organizer Barry Thornton, of the group Refuse Fascism. "We need people to stand up and say there are basic things that are true and right and we will not accept a fascist America."

President Trump is turning to courts and re-counts to cast suspicion on the process and possibly bolster his chances. Critics wonder where it will end.

"He has stocked the judiciary with sympathetic judges so there's no telling what they will try to get away with," said Thornton. "Trump even said openly he was putting Amy Barrett on the Supreme Court to deal with this election and ensure his victory."

Twitter also came under fire for being slow to flag Trump's premature victory speech, and baseless claims about "election stealing."

In Menlo Park, a protest at Facebook headquarters echoed the same complaint.

"We have a sewer of lies and hate flowing into the public sphere with Facebook doing nothing about it," said protest organizer Andrea Buffa.

A few dozen people lined the sidewalk with signs and chants slamming Trump's election meddling.

"He's already said he's the winner and he's declaring fraud and people are spewing it out," shouted one participant on a bullhorn.

Buffa expressed alarm that Trump's claims are being amplified by Facebook's failure to police disinformation.

"Literally tens of thousands of people are sharing posts full of lies and undermining our democracy and our election right now."

In front of Oakland City Hall, the public plaza was a venue for venting hopes and fears.

"I'd be lying if I said that I didn't wake up Tuesday nauseated," said one young woman who took her turn at the microphone. 

Others expressed questions about the ongoing count, and what happens after it's finished.

"One person elected to office is not going to change the structure of America," said protester Makenya Allen, "however with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we have an ear." 

More "Protect the Results" rallies are planned for the days ahead.

"We're seeing a lot of demonstrations around the Bay Area and the country," said protester Scott Parkin, holding a sign outside Twitter. "And that's because people want to make sure Trump doesn't illegitimately seize power."

Debora Villalon is a reporter for KTVU.  Email Debora at debora.villalon@foxtv.com and follow her on Twitter@DeboraKTVU