Police: Two people arrested for sexual exploitation of a child

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Two men were arrested Tuesday for child sexual exploitation after a four-week investigation by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities told FOX 5 News, 26-year-old Mark Andrade and 38-year-old Brent Parton were involved in two separate incidents, both involving child sexual exploitation. 

Andrade thought he was talking to a 12-year-old girl on the internet and said he would pay for a taxi if she would come to Dalton. Whitfield Deputies went to Andrade’s house in a car disguised as a taxi and arrested him. Andrade is in custody at the Whitefield County Jail, awaiting transport to the Cherokee Adult Detention Center. 

Andrade faces charges of with electronically furnishing obscene material to a minor and sexual exploitation and violating the Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Act. 

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Parton was talking to a 12-year-old on the internet. Parton was arrested during a traffic stop in Canton Tuesday night. He was charged with two counts of obscene internet contact with children and the sexual exploitation of children. Parton is being held without bond at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center.