Police: Tulsa woman riding on tire rim arrested for DUI

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Police in Oklahoma said at least one of her tire rims was bald when they stopped her, but officers didn’t comment if there was anything on the rim of the margarita in her cup holder.

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Amy Ann Dillion was arrested for DUI 2nd offense (felony), operate a motor vehicle with defective tires, transport open container, and no driver’s license in possession while driving, the Tulsa Police Department reported. Police said she also faces hit and run charges they determine what she hit before officers stopped her.

Tulsa Police posted on their Facebook page they could hear Dillion’s car coming down the road for several blocks. Two officers on a separate traffic stop quickly wrapped things up and pulled her over.

Dillion told police she only had two shots of tequila, but the officers said she could barely stand upright and failed her field sobriety test. Police said she blew more than a 0.21. percent. The legal intoxication limit in Oklahoma is a 0.08 percent blood alcohol content.

Officer said they found a full margarita in her cup holder while searching her vehicle.

Police said they did receive a citizen call about 15 minutes earlier, but weren’t able immediately able to locate anything. Police assume she had been driving on her tire rims for “sometime.”

FOX 5 News reported on this story from Atlanta