Police: Sketch of man wanted for rape

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department is searching for a man wanted in connection to a sexual assault on May 15. Police released a sketch of the man they believe is being the rape.

Police said the man is between 30 and 40 years old, has dark brown eyes, is bald with a medium brown complexion and a stalky build. The victim, a woman in her 20s, worked with a forensic artist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to create as sketch of the man.

“The suspect approached the victim on foot and became briefly acquainted with her through some conversation and then eventually just overpowered her. Yes this is a stranger on stranger case,” said Sgt. Harrison Daniel, with the Sex Crime Unit of the Athens Clarke County Police Department.

Police are calling this a stranger-on-stranger attack. Investigators said the woman was lured to a secluded area of a business establishment in downtown Athens.

"Part of our concern is the violence of the incident, the victim did sustain some significant injuries and what may be some moderately long term injuries," said Sgt. Daniel.

Sgt. Daniel would not release the exact location of the attack due to safety concerns.

“Based on certain details that she recounted it suggests certainly that it may not be the first time this person has done this and that it may not be the last time.” said Sgt. Daniel.

Police the woman was not a student at the University of Georgia.

Anyone with information should call police at 706-613-3330 or Athens Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 706-705-4775.