Police search for 'grab and go' robber

Investigators from across west Georgia area comparing notes after a series of “grab and go” robberies where the suspect got away with cash drawers from several stores.

Surveillance video from the Exxon on Old Newnan Road in Carrollton showed a man wearing a camouflage mask dashing into the store. The man pointed a pistol at the clerk and then ripped out the cash drawer from the register.

The masked invader then made a hasty, but awkward getaway.

Sunny Vasaya, the clerk who was robbed, said the crook came and went in a hurry.

"I remember it was very short time, just happening like 30 seconds or so, it was so quick," said Vasaya.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video and pictures to FOX 5 News of a couple of men involved in what is believed by investigators to be a well-organized robbing crew.

"We are working on a series of armed robberies that we do believe are connected with a group of individuals," said Captain Jeff Richards.

He said the man wearing the camouflage mask appears connected to at least two robberies in Carrollton and Carroll County.

Other surveillance pictures show a different man who has also committed some grab and go robberies.

Over the last two weeks a half dozen similar robberies have occurred in Carroll County, Carrollton, Temple and Douglas County

"We're not sure of any motive in it other than they're clear cut, entering the store, robbing the cash register, producing a firearm," said Captain Richards.

Sulu Patel, the owner of Buckhorne Shoppette, one of the places robbed in Carroll County, is still shaken by the ordeal which occurred at 8 in the morning.

"He picked up my register and he was gone, even two seconds. He was quick. Right now it's very scary," said Ms. Patel.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office said the robbers have all entered and left on foot, leading them to believe they parked a getaway car at a distance.

So far no shots have been exchanged.

"So far nobody has been hurt thank goodness and I would not encourage anybody to resist just simply report it," said Captain Richards.

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