SWAT team arrests suspect on South Olympian Way SW in southwest Atlanta


Police tape and flashing lights surrounded a home in the 1700 block of South Olympian Way SW Sunday afternoon after police arrested an armed suspect they say refused to come out.

"I said, ‘What’s going on down the street?' and they said, ‘I had to call the police.’ And I said, ‘Call the police for what?’ And she said, ‘I had to call the police on my sister. She’s been threatening us in the house and shooting and everything.' I said, ‘Shooting?’ And they said, ‘Yeah. She has been shooting for the past couple of days,'" neighbor Eric Faison told FOX 5.

Police say it started after some argument involving a gun inside the home, which lead to the suspect firing shots.

"When the shots were fired, my son and my grandkids were upstairs asleep," a woman who claims she is the suspect's sister told FOX 5. This woman asked not to be identified by name.

She said she went to the store, and when she came back that's when everything unfolded. She said her sister has been in mental distress for days.

"Police were called yesterday at the address … they questioned me [about] what was happening inside the home," she said. "I was in the home and I heard the gunshots in the background."

Police have not released many details surrounding the case, but longtime neighbors like Eric Faison said they will be praying for those around him.

"You never know when you're going to go through something until it happens to you," he said.

Officials say they made the arrest without incident.


Atlanta Police are on the scene of an incident in the 1700 block of South Olympian Way SW in southwest Atlanta. 

The incident involves a weapon and gunfire. It is believed that the possible suspect is still inside a residence in the area.

No injuries have been reported at this time.