Police: Man didn't save 15 percent, but rather went directly to jail

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He didn't save 15 percent on his car insurance, but he did earn a trip right to jail. It's almost like the start of a joke. A guy walks into a bank and hands the teller a note. What has tickled the funny bone of residents on the Clayton Police Department Facebook page is what happened next.

Clayton County Police said Octaviuos Weems wrote a holdup note on the back side of Geico bill when he robbed the Wells Fargo Bank on Jonesboro Road. When police caught up with him they said he told them what he did with the money, but wasn’t what was expected.

It's how Weems allegedly wrote the note that was his undoing. He scribbled it on the back of a Geico car insurance bill in his brother's name. It didn't take police long to solve the case.

The case has since gone viral on the Clayton County Facebook page, where there is humor to be found in both the crime and the departments reporting of it.

For example, police said:

"Just to clarify… yeah, you read it right, he wrote the note on the back of a bill. Solving this robbery was literally as simple as flipping over a piece of paper."

To which a person commented:

"Let me just e-mail you the robbery note." With crying laughing emoji.

Clayton County Police said:

“It took us 15 minutes or less but we didn't save 15 percent or more on our car insurance. Wonder who we should talk to about that.”

This is not the first time that a robber has left incriminating personal information at the scene of the crime. Several years ago, a suspect left behind an office folder. Inside was a job application with his name and address on it.