Police make arrest in series of cab robberies

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A 19-year-old is behind bars charged with robbing cab drivers. Jonesboro Police made the arrest Friday afternoon, but police said he was not committing these crimes alone.

Police said they know of at least two people the suspects robbed, but they believe there could be more victims out there.

Antjuan Lamar Lewis was mumbling as officers With Jonesboro Police Department led him away Friday. Lewis is accused of robbing two taxi drivers, along with another man.

"We have two actual robberies that Mr. Lewis has been charged with. There may be five, six more we don't know about," Chief Franklin Allen, Jonesboro Police Department.

Chief Allen said some victims may fear coming forward due to their immigration status.  He said Lewis is targeting taxi drivers with the first incident believed to have occurred on September 13.

A second one was on September 22. In that robbery, police said Lewis' pattern escalated. Police said he placed a gun to a woman’s head and pulled the trigger, but a round did not fire and police don't know why.

"One, there was not a round in the chamber. Two, the ammo was bad. Three, the firing mechanism didn't operate properly. Or four, the gun wasn't loaded at all. We won’t know unless we find the firearm and speak with Mr. Lewis which he has refused to speak to investigators," the chief said.

Police said he wasn't working alone and after the incident with the gun, they knew they had to get him off the street. The department spared no manpower in tracking him down.

"One of the first breaks we were able to get, the cab company had a cell phone number that was used to summon the cab and were able to trace the phone back to the suspect," said Chief Allen.

Within 24 hours, the Clayton County Sheriff's Office fugitive task force had Lewis in custody.

"We have him off the street, he's in jail, and the city is a little safer for that," said Allen.

Police are speaking with another man. They're calling him a person of interest at this time and he has not been formally charged.