Police lock the same man up twice, say he committed 2 burglaries in 2 days

Atlanta police lock up the same man who allegedly broke into a bank and two days later burglarized a store, both on the same southeast Atlanta street. 

If it sounds unusual, it is. And for more than one reason. As one veteran officer stated, "Who breaks into a bank?" 

The alarm went off and the man scampered away. But he was located a short distance away on Moreland Avenue, according to the police report. 

Antonio Vines was booked into the Fulton County jail. He got released and just two days after the bank burglary, a Dollar General store was struck. A brick had been thrown into the store glass, shattering it. 

Police say Vines was seen inside the Dollar General. Some empty cash drawers were found open. Vines allegedly grabbed a back of chips before exiting. 

Now, police answered that store alarm and discovered Vines nearby. And just before they placed handcuffs on him for a second time, he reportedly said, "you might as wells arrest me".

Atlanta police say they are trying to determine how Vines got out of jail from the bank burglary arrest. Currently, he is locked up.