Police investigate incident involving Katt Williams, V103's Wanda Smith

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Gwinnett County Police announced Monday they’ve launched an investigation into a weekend incident involving comedian Katt Williams, V103 radio host Wanda Smith and her husband.

The incident happened Saturday night at the Atlanta Comedy Theater, when an off-duty Gwinnett officer who was working security at the club asked for assistance in investigating the dispute between Williams and Lamorris Sellers, Smith’s husband.

According to the officer, Williams and Smith had a verbal altercation at the club stemming from an earlier interview between the two.

Williams told the officer that Sellers pulled a gun on him and pointed it at his face.

Williams and his security guard reportedly fled next door to a Food Depot store where the officer interviewed him.

"Mr Williams said that Mr. Sellers took out a gun and pointed it at his face and then Mr. Sellers started chasing him," Gwinnett Police Cpl. Michele Pihera said.

After meeting with Williams, the officer talked to Sellers who reportedly told him Williams had a verbal altercation with Smith and wanted to fight her.

Sellers told the officer he approached Williams and chased him into Food Depot, then left and returned to the Atlanta Comedy Theater. 

According to a Gwinnett Police news release, Sellers admitted to having a gun but said he never pointed it at anyone. Sellers told police while he was chasing Williams, the gun fell from his waistband, and he bent to pick it up. 

Investigators watched surveillance video from the Food Depot, and it showed Sellers chasing Williams into the store, but that the two of them were not in an area under surveillance when Williams said Sellers pointed a gun at him. 

Williams eventually told Gwinnett County Police he didn't want to prosecute. 

According to the news release, officers could not access video from the club. With no video to support William's story, this may all just go away unless witnesses come forward, police said.

"We are not saying the incident never happened, but right now we don't have any independent witnesses to come forward and we don't have video from the original incident to prove a gun was pointed at Mr. Williams," Pihera said.

Investigators ask anyone with information on the case to come forward and contact the Gwinnett County Police Department at 770-513-5300.