Police hunt teenage Taco Bell employee wanted in double-shooting

The search continues for a Taco Bell worker who wounded two teens during a shootout in the restaurant parking lot.

The Taco Bell employee, identified by police as 17-year-old Marquis Jordan, fled the scene before responding officers arrived just before 1 a.m. Wednesday at the 900 block of Camp Fulton Way in South Fulton. Investigators tell FOX 5 Atlanta that the employee opened fire on a car in the parking lot, sparking a shootout.

Jalen Jackson was caught in the crossfire.

"We don't know what to do," Jackson told FOX 5. "They're shooting this way. I could get hit, but I can't go this way because he's also shooting this way. "

According to South Fulton Police investigators, it all started when Jordan got into a verbal altercation with some customers in the drive-thru and then exited the restaurant.

That's when police said more words were exchanged between the worker and irate customers in the parking lot.

"That employee was outside Taco Bell, he went inside, got a weapon, came back out," said South Fulton Police Captain Marcus Dennard. "Words were exchanged with another vehicle our victims were riding in. Upon those words being exchanged that's when an exchange of gunfire took place."

Jackson and his fiancé were in their vehicle in the parking lot when the employee exited the restaurant armed with a semi-assault rifle and started shooting.

 "He turned this way, started shooting and they shot back, and he ducked over there and kept shooting. It went from there and he took off running," Jackson said.

In a written statement a corporate spokesman for the restaurant chain stated, "We are shocked to hear that this happened. We understand that the franchise owner and operator of this location are working with the local authorities in their investigation. Our thoughts are with the South Fulton community in this difficult time."

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact the South Fulton Police Department.