Police: Home invader used pickaxe

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A great deal of fear and concern for a Cobb County family when a man used a pickax to break into their home. A mother and her children were home.

Investigators say it happened on around 8 a.m. on Friday, July 27.

“They realized somebody was in their house they went into separate rooms and barricaded themselves and called 911,” said Officer Sarah O'Hara with the Cobb County Police Department.

Police said Eric Crawford made holes in multiple walls in the house, then hid in a crawl space. They believe he might have been under the influence of some type of substance.

“I knew he didn't seem normal,” said a teenager who was in the house but did not want to be identified. “I didn't know what he was doing. I was just waiting on the police. There were so many things going through my mind I was just praying he didn't come upstairs.”

The teen's father, who was not home, wanted his teenage son to share his experience with FOX 5 News because he said it's important people hear how their actions affect others.

Investigators said Crawford found the family's lawnmower and gas cans and poured out the contents. They said he threatened to set the house on fire. Officers eventually arrested him.

When asked what he would tell Crawford about what he's accused of taking the family through, the teenager said, “Just get clean because you know because drugs – you see the effects of drugs has on you. So, just get clean.”

Crawford faces several charges including making terroristic threats and reckless conduct.