Police arrest one of Clayton County's most wanted

One of Clayton County's top 10 most wanted criminal is behind bars after leading police on a chase.

Officials say Tuesday, a police officer in Forest Park conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle whose tag had no insurance.

The driver of the car, Steven Byron Duncan, gave the office a fake name before confessing who he really was, police said.

After he was handcuffed, he tried to run and eventually had to be restrained.

It turns out Duncan was wanted out of Clayton County for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, home invasion, armed robbery, burglary, false imprisonment, and more after a break-in to a Lake City home on May 30, police said.

At that time, officials say Duncan forced a homeowner at gunpoint to give him their cell phone and $4,000.

A search of Duncan's car found "an unknown amount of MDMA" and a firearm, police said.

He's now being held in the Clayton County Jail.