Plan to feed the homeless? Make sure you get a permit

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They said they're just trying to do some good by lending a hand and a meal to the homeless. But some Atlanta churches and organizations are outraged that they have to pay for a permit to feed Atlanta's homeless.

Frankie Holbrook is the founder of Shine His Light Ministries. She said she's been shut down numerous times by police before she has even passed the first plate.

"We've been run off from doing that or asked to get permits which are quite costly," said Holbrook.

Many organizations are running into the same roadblocks. They said they show up at city parks with food, and are run off by police.

Atlanta Police said the permits are not new, they're required by the Fulton County Board of Health. Police said they haven't issued any citations, but lately they've been handing out brochures reminding people a permit is required. Police said the city encourages people to work with local charities rather than create litter and potential health problems. The brochure states: "Feeding and donating to people on our streets is not a long-term solution".

Pastor C Montez Jones said his church, The Rehab Church, often partners with others in the community to help the homeless. He said he understands what police are trying to do.

"I guess the objective is to do things orderly and with structure, but when it's not made clear, that's where the uproar comes in," said Pastor Jones.

Jones added that he still believes the city should welcome any help being offered and his church is doing everything it can.

"Especially with the holidays and the absence of family, we want to make sure they eat and have some sense of community," said Pastor Jones.

Frankie Holbrook said she does street ministries and has gotten to know many of those who live on the street. Holbrook said she has big plans for Thanksgiving, and she's not letting anyone stop her.

"We have two 30 foot trailers full of stuff and we're ready, we're going to go to one spot and if we get run off, we'll go somewhere else and if they run us off we'll go somewhere else until we hand everything out," said Holbrook.

Another organization, With Love Global, said they were shut down by police earlier this month. They have plans to come back this Sunday, but they went ahead and bought a permit to make sure they could deliver all the meals that have been donated.