Pink pineapples are now available to buy, but it'll cost you

(Del Monte)

This may be the cutest fruit you'll ever get to eat.

Produce company Del Monte has revealed the new fruit that will probably be popping up on Instagrams everywhere - the Pinkglow Pineapple.

Unlike the normal yellow pineapples you know and enjoy chowing down on, this new style has a unique color and taste.

The company says the fruit has lycopene, a natural pigment usually found in produce like watermelon, which makes it pink. 

According to Del Monte, the Pinkglow is sweeter and juicier than your average pineapple and has "notes of candy pineapple aromatics."

(Del Monte)

The Food and Drug Administration approved the company to develop the pink pineapple back in 2016 and now it's finally up for sale.

You can buy a Pinkglow at Del Monte's special website for the fruit.

But frugal fruit lovers watch out, each pineapple will set you back $49!

The company says the pineapples are so expensive because it takes as long as two years to grow each one on a farm in Costa Rica.