Photographer Captures Mound of Ants Floating In Floodwater

DORCHESTER CO. S.C. (WSAV-TV) – Not even record flooding can stop the fire ants in South Carolina. Video recorded by WSAV-TV Photojournalist Chris Murray shows what appears to be a floating island of fire ants on top of the water in Dorchester County, South Carolina.

The video is fast on its way to becoming viral.

According to, fire ant rafts can be put together in about 100 seconds. They studied the phenomenon. The fire ants use claws, jaws and adhesive pads on their legs to stick together. They release an oily fluid that lets them stick to a smooth surface and the ant’s hard covering is water-repelling.

The result is a massive raft in the shape of a pancake and the ability to survive massive floods.

The ants aren’t completely safe, however. They make for good snacks for predators and something as simple as a few drops of soap can break the surface tension of the water and sink the ant rafts quickly, according to

Video and information provided by WSAV-TV.