2 Alabama residents arrested after high-speed chase through Peachtree City

Police accuse a man suspected of shoplifting at a Peachtree City Home Depot of then leading them on a high-speed chase that they were forced to call off for safety reasons.

Dash cam video of Peachtree City police pulling over driver Travis Smelley. He’s a 52-year-old Alabama man accused of felony shoplifting at a Home Depot store. They say he initially stopped for officers, but then decided speed off.

Police say during the chase, Smelley was driving recklessly. They say he collided with another car.

Police say Smelley’s driving became so dangerous, they were forced to call off the chase.

Thirty-five mile-an-hour zone, and immediately, he is reaching speeds of 60, 70, 80, 90 plus miles per hour on that roadway," said Peachtree City Police Lt. Chris Hyatt. "Again, give the confined space, he’s jumping curbs, he’s going in grass to pass vehicles, not even hesitating for stop signs. I believe at times, he was even going through four-way stop sign intersections with speed tables, probably 80, 90 mph getting all four tires off the ground at one point."

Police say that Travis Smelley and his passenger Natalie Dumitras sped away from Peachtree City.

For whatever reason, they reappeared on the streets of Peachtree City about 20 minutes later. This time police pursued and took action to disable Smelley’s car by knocking it off the roadway.

"Initiate this pursuit knowing that we eventually have to do something to end this chase before he hurts her or even kills somebody," said Lt. Hyatt

Peachtree City Police charged Smelly with DUI, possession of fentanyl and drug related objects, felony shoplifting, hit and run, felony fleeing and eluding as well as other traffic charges. Officers charged HIs passenger Natalie Dumitras of Anniston, Alabama with possession of fentanyl and drug related objects.

Both are being held in jail without bond.

Police say no one was injured during the pursuit.