Parents upset after 'Unicorn' poem used in school

A group of parents is concerned after they read a poem given to dozens of middle school students at a Polk County school.

Teachers at Cedartown Middle School say the context of the poem was used for a Greek mythology lesson, but the school system says this was an unfortunate mistake, and will never happen again.

The poem is called "Unicorn" and it talked about God. School officials say the gods the poem refers to are Greek gods.

School officials tell FOX 5 they understand why the poem could seem controversial when taken out of context, and say that it will never be used again.

"We just admitted. This was a mistake. In no way whatsoever would we want to defame God or go anywhere in that direction at the school," said Cedartown Middle School Principal Shannon Hulsey.

The 6th-grade language arts team which consists of three teachers came under fire late Wednesday night. 

Officials say the poem was distributed as part of the ancient mythology curriculum where students were using it to compare to short stories on Greek gods, and how the unicorn was supposed to represent a happy and safe place.

"Looking back at it from a parents point of view they can certainly understand where parents were upset," said Hulsey.