Parents hold rally demanding in-person learning option

Parents and students from DeKalb County and Atlanta Public Schools held a rally on Sunday demanding school leaders give parents the option of sending their kids back to school. The group gathered in front of Piedmont Park to make their voices heard.

"I never thought we'd be standing out here having to fight to get our kids where they belong," said Beth Goetz, a DeKalb County parent.

Armed with signs and chants, the group demanded the option to send their kids back to school for face-to-face learning.

"We're out here to support not only kids in Atlanta, in DeKalb County, but children all across the country that are currently still not in the classroom," said Stacie Morrison, an Atlanta Public School parent.

The demands have been coming for months and many parents at the protest said that they're at their breaking point.

"When you put ten special needs children on a Zoom, you have ten different, unique, educational programs that teachers are trying to satisfy," said Philip Woody.

"We see counties all around us making this work. Why can't we make it work," asked Goetz.

Atlanta Public Schools announced last week the district would begin phasing students back in to school in January.

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The plan would begin phasing the youngest students and special needs students in first followed by the following grade levels.

"There's still six plus weeks between now and then, so we really just believe in continuing to advocate for our students," said Morrison.

Meanwhile, DeKalb County school officials have not announced a reopening date for in-person learning.


"I just feel like our kids are suffering because of political agendas or I don't really know what," said Goetz.

Atlanta Public School parents have until December 21st to let school officials know if they intend to send their students back for face-to-face learning.

DeKalb County's Board of Education also has a meeting on Monday, December 7th.

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