P.I. hired in case of missing Douglas County mother

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The family of a missing Douglas County mother has hired a private investigator in hopes of finding her.

Wednesday marked three weeks since 43-year-old Mell Carter Lenz was last seen. Her husband said there has been no activity from her on social media, on her phone, and her debit card has not been used.

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The mother of six was last seen March 8 at her Chapel Hill Road in Douglasville. She is described by police as being 5’5” and weighing about 120 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Rod Lenz says his wife is a devoted mom.  Their home revolves around the kids. The walls are covered with children's photos and their artwork.

"Anybody who knows her, knows how loyal she is to her children," said Lenz.

Lenz said his wife was having issues with alcohol and he did not want her drinking around the children. She was to stay with her mom until things got better. Lens said before her mom could get to the home to pick her up, Mell walked away from their Douglasville home.

Lenz hired private investigator Brian Camp who said there have been no outgoing calls or texts on her phone and her credit cards have not been used.

"Three weeks is a long time to have no monetary support and to not see your kids," said Camp.

Camp said he does not know if Mell is willingly staying away or if something sinister has happened to her. Either way, he said her children and her husband need answers.

"Mr. Lenz is trying to hold down a household, work, raise children and maintain his sanity," said Camp.

Camp said he initially got numerous leads, some as far away as Texas, but none have panned out. He said as more time passes, the leads are starting to dwindle.

Anyone who sees her is encouraged to call 911.