Overwhelming response to cannabis oil editorial

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Hundreds of you commented and shared, most offering heartfelt and deeply personal testimonies about how the cannabis oil (which cannot be smoked) has helped and expressing fear that lawmakers might interfere.

Those fears were realized on Thursday when the senate voted 41-to-12 to roll back the THC percentage from 5% to 3% in exchange for adding autism to the list of treatable conditions.

There is clearly a war on this treatment. Senator William Ligon even tried to knock the strength BELOW 3% in an amendment from the senate floor. 

If the comments are any indication, an overwhelming number of you are on the other side of the battle.

There are hundreds more comments on the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page. A few of them support the weaker cannabis oil – too few to mention.

Now, the burden falls on the Georgia House of Representatives to fix this – to represent the majority of Georgians who think people should be allowed to treat their chronic conditions as they see fit. 

Contact your state representative and ask them to restore the THC level to 5% – or kill Senate Bill 16.