Outpouring of support for once homeless father and son

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A week after FOX 5 News first did the story, a viewer is stepping up to help a once homeless man and his son as he moves into a new apartment.

FOX 5 viewer Ashley Sanchez saw the story on 37-year old Lamont Hammond and his 8-year-old son last week and it spurred her to action by donating furniture and kitchen supplies.

WATCH: Viewer donates furniture and household items to man, son once left homeless

Facing homelessness, the two had nowhere to go until a Waffle House security guard stepped out on faith and took in the strangers. Hammond said all along he only needed a place for him and his son to sleep until he received his income tax refund. That check came Thursday and the Clayton County man immediately paid for a two-bedroom apartment. That's when Sanchez and her employer entered the picture.

“I don't know. I just looked at him and I saw... It's something about that little boy, it took my heart away," Sanchez said with tears in her eyes.

The security system manager reached out to her entire company and before she knew it, in rolled supplies and furniture. She rented a U-Haul and delivered the donated items to Hammond's 2-bedroom apartment Monday.

"He was trying, a man too. It was mentioned that he was disabled and I just had to help.”

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