Operation Fugitives 2021 nets 44 for outstanding warrants

Half a dozen agencies joined forces to arrest people with outstanding warrants for felonies and domestic violence in DeKalb County Tuesday. "Operation Fugitives 2021" led authorities to more than a hundred locations and landed them with dozens of arrests.

About 60 law enforcement officers from more than a half dozen agencies swept DeKalb County in search of fugitives.

"All we have is an arrest warrant with a name and descriptive information about who we're coming to serve," said Chief Deputy Randy Akies, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.

"We're not here to determine guilt we're just here to serve the arrest warrants of the court," said Akies.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office led the operation.

"We have a collaborative work relationship with all jurisdiction within DeKalb County we are constantly working together again for the safety and security of our community," the chief deputy said.

Officials say they were able to clear 44 outstanding warrants, a step toward their main goal.

"We’re making sure the citizens of DeKalb County are reaming safe and sound," the chief deputy said.

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