Officer resigns following deadly hit and run in Atlanta

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One Atlanta officer has resigned and the actions of several others are under review because of a police pursuit that likely contributed to a citizen hit and run. The accident killed a 37-year-old man who was riding a bicycle.

The department released a dash cam video of the incident. It started when police wanted to stop a man said to have engaged in suspicious activity. But authorities said the man refused to stop and began driving a small Chevy Crossover vehicle at a high rate of speed covering dozens of city blocks.

And it wasn't just Atlanta that gave chase. A Fulton County Sheriff's Office also assisted.

But Atlanta officers know there are very limited circumstances when they can chase, and "suspicious activity" is not one of them. The dash cam inside Officer Dwayne Fields vehicle shows that his driving was at times aggressive but measured, said Vince Champion, who is with the police union.

He said the no-chase policy puts officers in a box. They take an oath to guard public safety but often cannot go catch a suspect. Champion is calling on the chief to take a fresh look at the policy and make changes.

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