No, Waffle House is not opening a high-end location in North Carolina

Everyone knows about Waffle House. It has been covered in the media, but a recent social media post that’s being scattered around this week is more than just a little peppered with fallacies; it’s downright false.

The "BNN - Belmont News Network Facebook" page posted that the "world’s fanciest Waffle House" coming to Asheville’s Biltmore area.

Photos of a mocked up Waffle House location include fancy chandeliers, white and gold accents, and artisan-crafted accouchements were posted on Oct. 23. The dreamy diner was shared thousands of times in just one week.

The post reads in part:

"The Biltmore Waffle Hose [sic] dining room features tables of oak covered to give an authentic diner effect while still keeping it ultra fancy. Bamboo railings, and luminous oak chandeliers under a sweeping pressed-mahogany laid out in squares resembling waffles. With every wood feature boasting a handsome finish resembling a waffle. A baby grand player piano sits in the corner, churning out disembodied tunes you might hear at a fanciful gala, while a gold-leaf mantled fireplace forms the base of a giant stone waffle designed chimney. And while the food is sourced and not even remotely prepared like other Waffle Houses. The menu will offer Chiken [sic] and waffles, and other wallflower house fare with a twist. The staff will maintain a strict dress code of slacks and a yellow bow-tie. Its diner food meets forced-fanciful and it won’t be cheap."

The post also claims a "Chicken & waffles, and Filet Tips with jalapeño grits" specialty dish will be served.

Sure, it’s fun to think about, but it is not true.

The page is smothered with the interesting, capped by unusual, and diced by absurd. And like this post, the page is peppered with fantasy.

However, for those searching for a unique Waffle House experience, keep an eye out for the Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner with reservations opening at selection locations in February.

Or for those who don’t have time for that, could always visit the Waffle House drive-thru location in Stone Mountain.