New information in deadly Union City wrong-way crash

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Union City Police say it may be a few days or even weeks before they get the results from medical examiner and crash scene investigator about the wrong way fatal crash that left three people dead in the early morning hours of Labor Day.

Lieutenant Barry Walker told FOX 5 Portia Bruner investigators are still trying to determine why 41-year-old Kennis Harrell was driving in the wrong lane of traffic on South Fulton Parkway around 2:30 Monday morning before he crashed into a Camaro carrying 56-year-old Kathy Stevens and her friend Michael Fullwood.

FOX 5 was not able to reach anyone from the Fullwood family for comment, but Stevens' nephew told Bruner the Spelman graduate and single mother of 25-year-old twins was a hard-working woman who look forward to retiring from the US Postal Service. 

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"She'd work for the postal service for 32 years. She was just a great employee who got all kinds of awards for her service and how she handled people at that front counter and East Point," Dereikus Smith said. "She was the kind of woman who made a whole room shine when she walked in."

The Harrell family visited the site of the crash Tuesday morning to pray for the father of three and to publicly offer condolences to the Stevens and Fullwood families.

"Please keep all of these families in your prayers at this time and consider the emotional stress it has cost for all of us," Harrell's aunt Kenya Simmons said as she stood yards from the site where her nephew died. "Kennis was a loving man and he loved being a paramedic. That's why he left the fire department after 16 years to transition into being a full-time paramedic. That was his passion."

Simmons said she hopes transportation officials and other investigators will take a closer look at the stretch of road along South Fulton Parkway and consider adding more lights and signs.

"We're not trying to take away from what happened. We just want to divert the attention back to the real issue here so that no one else has to lose a mother or a father or a son and suffer the way all of our families are suffering," she said.