New images of man wanted for kicking cat

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Atlanta Police have been trying to track down a man who was captured on video violently kicking a cat across a parking lot. The cat was seen flying in the air and landing on its back as others cheer on the man.

"They slowed it down for dramatic effect so it seems pretty purposeful that they were sharing it like its entertainment," said Atlanta Police Officer Lisa Bender.

In the video from early July, the man can only be seen from the waist down. Now, police have surveillance video that clearly shows the face of the man for whom they are looking.

Police, as well as many others who are outraged by the video, hope someone knows who he is and will turn him in.

"You want the same person who did that to get kicked in the head just like he kicked the cat!" said Twan Russell who was outside the gas station where there are wanted posters with a picture of the kick on utility poles.

Fredrick Cooley works security at the gas station. He said the little orange cat with the white belly always followed him around. He hasn't seen her since she was hurt.

"She stayed right beside me, always rubbing on my legs. I kept her with me.  I loved that cat," said Cooley.

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