New details about fiery Fayetteville crash

More details are being released about a fiery crash caught on camera in Fayetteville over the weekend. The two women rescued from that burning car are still in the hospital in critical condition and police are now crediting an unnamed passerby for also helping.

Meanwhile, many had hoped the two officers credited with the rescue, Officers Michael Perry and Maggie Murphy, would speak about their experience during a press conference on Thursday. But their police chief said they are far too humble to seek the media attention they deserve and have asked not to be interviewed. They were simply doing their jobs.

"They don’t see themselves as heroes, they are both very humble which I find amazing because to me and the rest of the police department and citizens in the city of Fayetteville they’re heroes," said Chief Scott Murphy, Fayetteville Police Department.

The crash happened early Sunday morning, around 2:38 a.m. along Helen Sams Parkway in the city. Police said a Honda Accord left the roadway and struck a tree. The driver was able to make it out safely, but the passenger had to be dragged out, her clothes having caught fire in the blaze that overtook the crashed car. Officer Perry is credited with extinguishing the fire on her clothes.

A passerby is also seen on the dramatic body camera video helping to pull the female passenger free. Not much is known about that man and he remains unnamed. The chief said he has a connection to the Atlanta Police Department, but didn’t offer any further information.

FOX 5’s Doug Evans was able to speak with the officers off-camera who said they were completely unaware of the intense heat either by way of adrenaline rush or a complete focus on their duty, but possibly a bit of both.

Neither of the officers nor the passerby was injured.

Fayetteville plans to honor all three for their heroic efforts and bravery.

The single-car accident is still under investigation and police have not ruled out the possibility of charges.

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