Fayetteville police officers rescue 2 people from fiery crash

Two police officers in Fayetteville are being hailed as heroes after rescuing the driver and passenger from a burning car. Officers Michael Perry and Maggie Murphy were the two officers on the scene of that car fire early Sunday morning on Helen Sams Parkway.

Fayetteville police said the car left the roadway and crashed into a tree, bursting into flames. An off-duty officer called 911.

Bodycam video of the incident shows the car fully engulfed in flames as the officers struggle to pull the passenger out. The driver had managed to get out of the car by then. Once free of the car and the intense heat, the video that that crash shows the victim’s clothes are on fire. Officer Perry is credited with extinguishing the passengers burning clothes.

Not much is known about the two people in the car. Police have not released their names. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. Their condition was not immediately known.

Fayetteville Police Chief Scott Gray released a statement about his officers writing:

"I am proud of our officers, who responded quickly and risked their own lives to rescue these motorists. We train our officers to do this, but it takes courage to put yourself in danger like that in the line of duty."

The officers return to duty Wednesday evening for the first time since the rescue.

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