New dad, Atlanta Braves super fan wins race against The Freeze at Braves game

It's a familiar sight for Atlanta Braves fans – the thrilling race between a lucky fan and "The Freeze" during games at Truist Park. However, the race on Aug. 20 took an extraordinary turn when one Braves fan not only triumphed over "The Freeze" but also had a deeply touching reason to celebrate.

Parker Whitlock, a devoted Braves supporter, had long dreamed of the opportunity to face off against "The Freeze" during a Braves game. Typically, contestants are chosen at random, but fate intervened in July in an unusual way – through a hotdog.

On his way to visit his wife, Olivia, at her workplace, Parker found himself unexpectedly selected to challenge "The Freeze" in the race. It was a thrilling moment, but there was a complication that added immense significance to his victory.

Their son, Noah Nicholas Whitlock, was born on Aug. 16, just days before the Braves game. Both Parker and Olivia spent the subsequent days in the hospital with their newborn baby, as any parent would.

Despite this, Parker made his way to Truist Park for the race, while Olivia and Noah watched from the hospital. In an astonishing turn of events, Parker not only defeated "The Freeze" but did so in a landslide victory.

Following his win, Parker didn't revel in his triumph at the ballpark. Instead, he immediately rushed back to the hospital to be with Olivia and Noah, ensuring that the new family could share in the joy of his victory together.

What made this victory even more poignant was the name they had chosen for their son. Noah Nicholas Whitlock is named after Olivia's brother, who passed away in 2011 and was also a devoted Braves fan.