NBA player clocked doing 107 by DPS

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Jordan Hill Arrested

The tweet read: "Never a good idea to do 107MPH. Two DPS units were 3 lanes over! NBA player cooperative."

That's the announcement made by Alpharetta Police with a link to video showing former LA Lakers star and now Indiana Pacers center Jordan Hill looking shirtless, a bit remorseful and without an excuse for racing erratically down GA 400 North in Alpharetta while weaving in and out of traffic.

After pulling over the black Range Rover, the officers immediately put 28 year old Hill in handcuffs. 

 "What you doing man?" asked the officer.

"I don't know," mumbles Hill

"Driving like an idiot!" offers the officer. "You got any reason to be driving like that?

"I was in a hurry," answered Hill.

Then the officer added "I got you at 107 miles an hour when you made the lane change."

Did we mention he also blew past not one but two DPS squad cars and nearly side swiped two other cars. Also the officers told Hill that they received three 911 calls about his driving. 

Hill was taken into custody and charged with reckless driving and speeding. He's due in court September 22. 

In a statement released to, Pacers President Larry Bird said: “We have been informed Jordan was arrested for allegedly reckless driving in Atlanta, Georgia. It is obvious we don’t condone this. We will address this with Jordan. This is a major concern of safety, not just for Jordan, but for others."