Natural-born triplets arrive at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa

Valley mother Lisha Bowman gave birth to triplets Friday morning.

She's carrying little Alydda and Braelynn in her arms, while her husband holds baby Corin.

Lisha gave birth to her triplets naturally at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa near US 60 and Dobson Road.

"Alyssa and Braelynn are identical and Corin is fraternal," said Lisha.

No fertility treatments were involved in their births, and there was no c-section.

"The vast majority of triplets are done by caesarean delivery, but they can be safely done vaginally if you have people who are experienced doing that and a patient who's motivated to do that, and she did a great job," said Dr. Curtis Cook, an OB/GYN at Banner Desert Medical Center.

The delivery was very straightforward, and they were born just three minutes a part.

"She started out uncommon in that she had spontaneous triplets, which is only about 10 percent of triplets are spontaneous," said Dr. Cook.

The roughest part was the months leading up to the delivery.

"It was definitely one of the roughest pregnancies ever. Hip pain, the weight pain, and I think it's because she held everything up front so the other babies, she gained weight all over evenly, it was all baby," said Jason Bowman.

The three baby girls will join their older brothers at home when they're ready.

"We had a nurse tell us three for the price of one. We said, 'No, three for the price of three,'" said Lisha.

The Bowmans now have a total of six children. Their three baby girls, two boys at home ages 8 and 9, and their oldest son who is in his early 20s.