Multiple brides across metro Atlanta stood up by same makeup artist

Multiple women across metro Atlanta have been stood up on their wedding day, not by their grooms, but by the same makeup artist.

"It definitely made for a stressful morning as you can imagine," Amber Storey said.

The revelation started with a post on Reddit.

"At some point we need to get it out there. If it was an isolated incident it’d be different," she said.

One bride posted about her experience with a makeup artist she found on Instagram who never showed up for those finishing touches.

The same thing happened to Madison Baker, who was married in June.

"She just didn’t show up the day of. I found out five minutes before," Madison Baker said.

She was told a family emergency prevented the artist from reporting to work and was given more than a hundred dollars back weeks later.

"Even if I hadn’t it was the stress. Especially being a COVID bride, having to make so many adjustments to the wedding I was going to have...I felt cheated from what I wanted," Baker said.

Storey was just married three weeks ago in Dahlonega.

She said that same makeup artist bailed on her as well, except she didn’t get a courtesy text five minutes before the appointment.

She was waiting for hours with no official cancellation.

"We missed out on a lot of things. I didn’t get to sit around with the girls and relax at all that morning. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Especially thinking someone was coming and it would have been different if she at least said, 'I can’t make it,'" she said.

Storey, too, got her money back several days later.=

Both said they've tallied at least 18 women who also say they’ve booked the same woman who never shows.

"At the end of the day, knowing how many brides she’s done this to, I don’t want to hear of anyone else," Baker said.

Baker said Google Reviews should determine whether or not a bride books an artist. She says booking professionals without reviews puts customers at risk.

FOX 5's Alex Whittler reached out to that makeup artist on Instagram, called, and texter her, but didn’t receive a response as of Monday evening.