Mother Reveals Why She Helped 16-Year-Old Murder Suspect Surrender

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"As far as turning him in, I didn't do it because I thought he was guilty, I did it because it was the right thing to do."Candid words from a heartbroken the mother of 16-year-old murder suspect Cameron Williams spoke candidly about her decision to turn her son into the DeKalb County Fugitive Squad Deputies who were searching for him after Shaneku Lucy McCurty was killed last month. But out of concerns for their own safety, she and her husband asked us not to show their faces or use their names.

This whole situation has been hard to deal with. People are making threats against my family. My daughter lost her job," the suspect’s mother said in an exclusive interview with FOX 5’s Portia Bruner.

DeKalb County Police said Williams shot the 25-year-old woman two weeks ago at this gas station off Redan Road after she put up a fight during an attempted carjacking. His mother said she turned him in after investigators told her they were looking for him.

"I asked him if he did it and he said he didn't. I said it doesn't matter right now because they think you're armed and dangerous and the right thing to do is just turn yourself in. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it had to be done.

Williams' parents have lots of questions about the investigation and they don't believe the teenage brothers, who police said were seen in the surveillance video the night McCurty was killed. Like Williams, Dermonte and Jermaine Grant are also charged with felony murder. Williams' sais the brothers have teamed up to save themselves.

“There's no video where you can see my son's face. He's not the one with the criminal past, they are and a lot of families are hurting now," Williams' stepfather said.

Despite their questions and concerns about the case, they said it was important to turn their son in and share a message with McCurty's family.

“I want her to know I care about what happened to her daughter. We aren't monsters. We care and we did the right thing. I want to send my condolences to her family because my heart aches for them. I can't imagine how hard this must be for her mother," Williams mother said from her home not far from the gas station where McCurty was murdered after buying a lottery ticket when she got off from work.

Cameron Williams is scheduled to be in court November 12.