More rain brings more flooding in Cherokee County

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More rain fell Thursday drenching parts of metro Atlanta that are already flooded. High water levels forcing rivers over their banks and shutting down roads, parks, and trails in Cherokee County.

"It's a mess, it's a mess, there's water everywhere!" said Karen Kerby. 

Kerby was checking out Johnson Brady Road in Cherokee County which was shut down because the water was too deep to safely drive through. 

"Obviously we don't want any of our residents to drive through that, and if there's more rain, more roads will shut down," said Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Director Jay Baker.

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In Canton, the Etowah River spilled over its banks, forcing trails and parks to shut down. There's caution tape across the steps to the soccer fields at Heritage Park near the YMCA. Thursday night, no one was playing soccer, they were getting around by boat. 

"We saw people kayaking. kayaking on the soccer fields? Yeah it's that high," said Lila Young.

Many around here have grown weary of all the rain. 

"I'm so tired of it, I've had enough of the rain," said Kristen Lowe. 

Lowe said not only does all this rain make her bones hurt, but the kids are also going stir crazy.

"The kids can't go out and play, they're running around driving me crazy. I need the rain to stop. So you can get the kids out of the house? Yes!" said Lowe.

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